Corporate offices

There is a strong link between poor indoor air quality and employee productivity and job satisfaction. Poor indoor air quality in corporate offices has been known to cause respiratory illness, headaches and fatigue amongst office workers. Studies have shown that improved air quality significantly increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Schools & educational institutions

Higher concentrations of indoor carbon dioxide has long been linked to reduced concentration and productivity amongst students in schools and educational facilities.


High levels of humidity can lead to increasing incidences of dust mites, mildew and mould in residential applications. Ventient can increase natural airflow in residential homes, making it healthier for the whole family.

Hotels & Accommodation

It is important to provide adequate ventilation for rooms and spaces that are unoccupied for long periods of time. Ventient is perfect for hotels and student accommodation.

Aged Care facilities

Poor indoor air quality is often blamed for asthma and other respiratory illness amongst residents in aged care facilities. Ventient is ideal for maintaining indoor air quality in situations where occupants are unable to or restricted from opening windows due to lack of mobility or fears relating to personal security.

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